Real-Time Fluid Monitoring System.

November 2022

The oil and gas industry is faced with challenges to reduce costs, optimize the performance of its assets/operations and improve its environmental footprint.

Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) is an international fluid analysis technology supplier that offers unique, autonomous solutions, expertise, real-time analytics, and management of fluid characteristics. Nordic Degrees Limited in partnership with Intelligent Mud Solutions provides these technologies to simplify and fully automate any type of fluid management process.

By doing so we support our client towards a sustainable cost reduction, safer and less operational emissions.

The IMS RSS unit is unique in today’s market. It provides primary drilling fluid properties in real-time, continuously without rotating or moving systems thereby significantly improving reliability and greatly reducing maintenance requirements compared to competing units. This has resulted in a unit of its kind, that will be of significantly lower cost to our clients.

IMS fluid analysis technology will

  • Identify unplanned spikes or drops in fluid parameters.
  • Promote use of environmentally friendly fluid solutions.
  • Empower independent fluid analysis.
  • Reduce Non-productive time (NPT) and costs.

Create significant value by

  • Multi language protocol - integration to any third-party application.
  • Pinpointing treatment by real time trending and reporting.
  • Optimizing rate of penetration with better hole cleaning.
  • Efficient operations - Reduced emissions

And doing so, we

  • Promote deeper and more environmentally friendly operations.
  • Reduce human errors and human exposure.
  • Support the much-needed green transition.
  • Continue to challenge the traditional way of thinking.

Benefits to our Clients:

The benefits include:

  • Increased rig and operations automation.
  • Reduced manning offshore.
  • Improved technical and mud property control of fluids.
  • Improved real-time hydraulics calculations for optimized drilling, casing, and completion operations.
  • Improved drill string tripping efficiency.
  • Improved well control – the RSS can also be installed prior to the shakers.
  • Improved drilling control of sections with close pore pressure & fracture gradient pressures.
  • Avoidance or improved control of lost circulation zones.
  • Reduced drilling downtime and NPT.
Typical installation area: Supply Manifold, Mixing lines, Return tanks

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