Non Intrusive Mechanical Fasteners

November 2022

It’s an alternative to welding in metal structures brought to you by Nordic Degrees Limited and Coldpad. Now, those in explosive environments don’t have to postpone their maintenance activities that involve cutting and fastening until planned shutdowns, these activities can be carried out as routine maintenance activities with a slim work crew.

This is a technology that is specially designed for the offshore environment. It provides non-intrusive, safe, durable and reliable cold work solutions for maintenance, retrofit and hookup operations.

Hot work comes with its string of risks and constraints which include delayed responses (which could mean further deterioration of item to be repaired), need for shutdown, POB constraints and loss of revenue during shutdowns.

This means that the frequency and duration of these shutdowns are often limited and cannot accommodate all the repairs that need to be made. Hence only the most critical maintenance operations often directly linked with production are prioritized and carried out.

This leaves three options for these maintenance activities. Do nothing (and watch the conditions further deteriorate), continue to pen them down for hot work repairs during planned shutdowns (with no exact delivery date in mind) or engage the cold work techniques which converts maintenance activities that require a shutdown into routine maintenance activities.

Cold work techniques using the C-Claw technology are therefore an opportunity for the offshore oil and gas industry to maintain high safety standards at a reasonable cost. This innovative solution proves to be acceptable and efficient for most offshore repair needs (more than 50%).


It has a wide range of applications which include installation of cable trays, pipe supports, skids, handrails, ladders and more. It can also be used to install chain blocks for lifting operations.

Key Features:
  • Non-Disruptive: You don’t have to shut down operations to carryout maintenance/repairs.
  • Non-intrusive: It’s bonded to the surface; it doesn’t involve drilling.
  • It can be used for heavy duty bonding; rated to 1Ton (in shear and tension).
  • It’s useful for maintenance, retrofit and hookup operations.
  • High reliability and durability (up to 20 years).
  • Can be used for heterogenous material connection.
  • It is an approved fastener for offshore and explosive environments (Zone 1).

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