Multi-Grid Multi-Discipline Support System

November 2022

The Oglaend multi-grid multi-discipline support system, cable ladders and trays is a relevant product portfolio for all project disciplines – Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecommunication (EI&T), Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and Piping.

Utilising the grid system makes it possible to share space and support between all disciplines. More so the grip system ensures flexibility and low total system cost.

As the sole representative of Oglaend Systems in Nigeria, Nordic Degrees offers a fully integrated system which includes

  • Modular Multidiscipline Systems and fastening Solutions for EI&T, HVAC, Piping.
  • Bespoke technical solutions approved and tested to global industry standards.
  • Selection of the fit for purpose technology.
  • Design Support & Engineering.
  • Kitting, Cutting, Pre-fabrication.
  • Training & Jobsite Support.

Nordic Degrees is well equipped to work with you, integrating into your project workflow and providing you, when necessary, support during every stage of your workflow – FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning.

Anti-Vibration Fasteners

Vibration is a prevalent issue in the oil and gas industry and different technologies are in place to mitigate this issue. One of these technologies is offered by Oglaend Systems. Nordic Degrees, the sole representative of Oglaend Systems in Nigeria, provides Oglaend System's Anti-Vibration Fasteners.

These prevent self-loosening and cater for quick and safe installation. Once a fastener is tightened it remains tight, in turn minimizing maintenance costs once installed.

The unique thread design of our Anti-Vibration Fasteners distributes the stresses evenly across the engaged threads. While conventional thread design applies a high concentration of stresses on the first thread, the self-locking fastener distributes the stress evenly on all threads. More importantly, the fasteners prevent loosening from vibration, which makes it suitable for any industrial environment. DROPS (Dropped Object Awareness and Prevention) highly recommend using Anti-Vibration Fasteners.

Oglaend System’s Anti-Vibration fasteners drastically cut down installation time, while simultaneously maximizing system durability. The flange nuts are free running onto bolts with no resistance and the self-locking feature of the bolts allow for tightening with just one hand and one tool. Less parts leads to improved logistics. These Anti-Vibration Fasteners offer a safe solution for any industrial environment, and at the same time reduces installation time and costs related to maintenance.

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