Multi-Gel & Multi-Scale Cleaning Solutions.

November 2022

The following are some of the major challenges faced across the various industries today: tough stains on surfaces, initial onset of rust on surfaces which usually requires sandblasting, pipes with large deposits of sludge often cleaned through pigging, rusted pipes which require a pickling operation, large dirty / rusting equipment (e.g heat exchangers, box coolers, HVACs, filter pods, etc) with lots or tight spots difficult to reach, etc

Nordic Degrees Limited in partnership with Multi Solutions now have the perfect solution to these challenges. We introduce to you the MultiGel and MultiScale which are part of our innovative industrial cleaning solutions.

MultiGel is an eco-friendly surface cleaning solution for organic growth, such as rust, humus, salt, biofilm, etc. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It could replace traditional rust removal methods like sandblasting, pigging and pickling. It leaves your surfaces squeaky clean as it gives you a timesaving and cost-effective operation compared with the alternatives above. It can get into and clean out tight spots.

MultiGel is also effective for Fresh Water Tanks eco-cleaning. The advantage is that you get to do two operations at once (removal of all bacteria and biofilm). MultiGel is approved by Mattilsynet (Norwegian Food Safety Authority). It has a proven record as it has been successfully used by many companies.

Mode of Operation: You simply spray surface with MultiGel (gel attaches itself to all the dirt and rust), and flush it off. No scrubbing needed.


MultiScale is an environmentally friendly cleaning product used worldwide within shipping, energy production and the manufacturing industry. It solves deposits and blockages problems in seawater / freshwater pipe systems, as wellas drainage systems. The MultiScale dissolves internal deposits making it easy for them to be flushed out of the system leaving behind squeaky clean pipes.

MultiScale removes calcium, Iron 304 (magnetite), oxides (rust), stable organic matter (humus / sea-growth), salt, scaling and other deposits. The product is suitable for cleaning a wide range of equipment and surfaces, such as: Box Coolers (on ships and rigs), vacuum systems, heat exchangers, cooling towers, boilers, condensers and evaporators, heating and cooling batteries, heat pumps and all types of water pipes used for cooling systems.

Key features of Multi-Scale

It is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It can be used on all types of plastics and metals without risk of damage. It will not damage gaskets or O-ring seals within equipment. All cleaning can be done on-site, avoiding expensive dismantling of machinery. It gives optimum savings in form of reduced energy consumptions as well as unnecessary and expensive outages.

Cleaning of systems that cannot be pumped through, require use of a separate circulation pump, e.g. CIP (Clean-In-Place) system in addition to the solutions.

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