Enviro-Syn HCR 7000

November 2022

Do you know you can save operational time per stage, save pumping time, and mitigate HSE risk with HCR 7000 compared to HCL.

HCR 7000 is part of the proprietary, eco-friendly Modified Acid product portfolio that minimizes the hazardous exposure levels, corrosion rates and negative HSE properties of hydrochloric acid (HCl), while maintaining the positive aspects of solubilizing ability and reactivity rates. Enviro-Syn HCR-7000 is a strong modified acid that in concentrate has similar solubilizing abilities as 15% HCl and can be enhanced through the addition of conventional oilfield chemistry.

Fluid’s Enviro-Syn HCR-7000 blends enable operators to spot acid with perforating bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) saving substantial amounts of water and time in hydraulic fracturing operations. High spent pH stability, and the calcium- and iron-coordinating effects of Enviro-Syn HCR-7000 reduces the precipitation issues prevalent with HCl. This will minimize or eliminate formation damage that can occur when using HCl as a spearhead acid and assist with effluent management.

Nordic Degrees Limited in partnership with Fluid Energy Group, has offered a unique, autonomous solutions, expertise, by supplying Enviro Syn HCR 7000 to West African Operations.


  • Acid spearhead, stimulation, and workover treatments.
  • Enables spotting of spearhead acid with the perforating guns (patented and patent-pending process).

Features & Benefits

  • Long-term casing and cable corrosion protection in case of delayed events.
  • Reduces water requirements by one hole volume per stage.
  • Minimal reprecipitation of scale at high pH levels.

Enviro-Syn Nano Series


Damage from OBM can cause high skin factors and reduce the productivity index of the reservoir. Enviro-Syn Nano-OSD is a reverse demulsifier used to break oil-based mud (OBM) and produced water-in crude oil emulsions.


  • Breakup of oil-based mud (OBM) and removal of filter cakes.
  • Cleanup of completion screens and breakup of blocking solids.
  • Removal  of damaging in-situ crude oil emulsions.
  • Breakup of produced crude oil emulsions.


Enviro-Syn Nano-Wash is a powerful emulsifier that can be used for a wide range of cleanup applications including remediation of oil spills and removal of sludges in downstream or upstream applications.


  • Dissolution of sludges in downstream and surface facilities.
  • Dissolution of sludges in wellbore and removal of non-differentially stuck pipe in the wellbore.
  • Heavy oil and bitumen production operations.


  • Carbonate dissolving power equal to that of 15% HCl.
  • Low hazardous exposure levels, corrosion rates and negative HS&E properties.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Superior wormhole penetration when compared with conventional products.


  • Effective in dissolving wax.
  • Breaks water in oil emulsions.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Wide range of application including in downstream operations.

For further information about the Enviro Syn HCR 7000 and Nano Series Blend, please contact us at info@nordic-degrees.com